A simple tool that involves everyone in shaping the plan

TrueStory enhances same-room collaboration instead of trying to replace it.

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A tool that everyone can use, not just project managers.


People over process

TrueStory enhances same room collaboration instead of trying to replace it

Collaboration over contract

Senior stakeholders actually use it.

Software over documentation

Same-room planning features to do work, not metrics

Responding over planning

Risk chart and sprint planning - everyone knows the true story


Built with collaboration in mind

  • Projector-friendly layout
  • Everything on one page
  • Highlights changes in real time
TrueStory helped me build an open relationship with the product owner - Andrew Cridland, Greenhouse

We built it because we needed it.

TrueStory was built by the super chaps at New Bamboo.

We love paper story cards, but they don't work with offsite clients. We like some other tools, but we could never get the whole team, including the client and senior stakeholders, to use them. We wanted to combine the incredible openness of paper tools with the ease of the web.

New Bamboo have a proven track record of delivering software, and our scrum masters train other teams through workshops and conferences. Our unique blend of pragmatism and common sense drives TrueStory.

The Real Time Web.

The whole team can edit the plan at once. Realtime updates make this much faster than having someone take notes and "update the system" later.

TrueStory does this using our Pusher realtime web tools.

Do one thing well.

Spend your time building software, not configuring tools.

TrueStory sets sensible defaults that make it easy to plan and groom your backlog.

We don't do taskboards here: TrueStory believes that they belong on the wall.