TrueStory FAQ

Can I use this in production?

We use TrueStory in production, so we're not going to do anything silly. However, we're providing the service for free and ultimately we can't give any guarantees of integrity or uptime.

What's the business model?

TrueStory is free. We'll eventually transition to a hosted subscription model, similar to Basecamp and other tools. We'll give you plenty of advance notice.

Why does it look funny in <insert browser here>?

We're concentrating on building an amazing experience in cutting-edge browsers right now. If you need to share the backlog with stakeholders using old browsers or Internet Explorer, use the Read-Only View that's offered in the Sharing panel; it works on anything.

How do I create Tasks? It looks like I can only create Stories.

TrueStory is designed to do one thing well, and that thing is managing the story backlog. We believe in Big Visible Charts and an Informative Workspace, which is why we keep our taskboards on paper. If your development team, not just your clients, are distributed, then this might not work for you. In that case, check out Dragban.

How do I leave comments on a story?

By talking to the team at the sprint planning meeting when that story is accepted for development. TrueStory's different to other tools: it faciliates face-to-face communication instead of replacing it.

How do I create more than one Sprint?

You can't. We found that creating and planning multiple sprints at once gave a false impression of the accuracy of the project plan. Even if the risk analysis concludes that Upload Photo will almost certainly be done by the end of the project, stating that we're going to start it in Sprint 16 and deliver on Friday 23 June gives senior stakeholders the wrong idea.

When you complete your current sprint, a new one will be created for you.

Can I use TrueStory without Sprints?

Yes - you can just mark stories as Done on the top of the backlog. There's an option to hide the Done stories. The risk analysis will still work, and if you want to transition to using Sprints, you can just create one later.